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Hdd Not Being Picked Up

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ok i got all the parts in for the pc... and its all put together and finally got it to turn on....

specs: newly ordered in

cpu: amd athlon 64 3700+
Ram: 1.5gb ddr 400 pc 3200 (somthing like tha)
GFX card: 128mb Nvidia 6600GT
Mobo: asus a8n-sli
PSU: Q-Tec 500w

Specs: From old rig

HD: 120gb maxtor
DVD burner: ?????? still dont know lol
Case: Xblade

now it goes to a stage where i press on... with the windows xp disk in and its goes to the part were it askes do i want to install XP on the system... so its click yes (or 1) then its on about i have no HHD conected... but ive checked it all out and its all in tidy... any HELP would be awsome thanks
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you need to rejumper the HDD to master and recable it to the master end (last) connector on the cable. Sounds like you have it jumpered to Slave but can't really tell--the jumpers are on the back of the HDD by the cabling--should be a sticker on the drive explicating this. Improper jumper/cable settings is all that's wrong--keep fiddling (and don't forget the molex!)
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