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HDTV used as computer screen, resolution max?

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i know that resolutions are set as 720P and 1080P for screens, which are supposedly 1366x768 and 1920x1080 respectively, but ive heard that a 32" screen only set for 720P can go far above 1366x768. is this true? thinking of getting my brother a larger tv screen for his birthday, budget 400$, would like a 26-32. have found a few but only 720P res ones.

i know, scrub question, have been out of the tech loop for a year. forgot damn near everything i know.
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I dunno about the 720 monitors, but i know that my 1920x1080 46" TV does not do 1920x1200. It says on the box "Max resolution 1920x1080". If you are gonna spend 400, get a nice 26 in computer monitor. In this game, you have to pay to play.
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