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he;p please

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so my dad has a AM37 with an amd athlon xp 2400+
core speed; 1998.3
multiplier; 15
bus speed;133.2
haha: 0.13um
stepping; 1
socket a (462)
single core and thread
l1 data 64 kbytes 2 way
l1 inst. 64 kbytes 2 way
level 2 256kbytes 16 way

FSBRAM ; 1:1

the ddr is kingston
512mb x 2
pc2300 (142 mhz)
heres something weird that cpu-z is saying,
frequency; jedec#1=133mhz , jedec#2=142mhz
cas# latency ; jedec#1=2.0 , jedec#2=2.5
ras# to cas# ; jedec#1=3 , jedec#2=3
ras# precharge; jedec#1=3 , jedec#2=3
tras; jedec#1=6 , jedec#2=7
both at 2.5v
'' but see how thier set at different speeds, its really peculer.

youll get a laugh out of this though

gpu; s3 graphics prosavageddr : 32mb

graphics interface;
apg version 2.0
transfer rate : 4x max*
side band: not supported

the mobo
model km266-8235
chipset p4m266/km266

phoenix tech.
version am37312

so my question is
whats the best stuff i could put on this thing to make it faster?

also if any one knows, whats the highest overclock on this procceser?

and what kind of gpu it would use ati or nividia ???
i would just get a new set up but its too expencive to do so
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I'm pretty sure the best AGP GPU would be the 3870 from ATI IIRC...

Honestly though, that computer is REALLY old... You could probably put it up on Craigslist for free w/ local pickup and no one would want it.

Your best bet would be to get a new setup... A minimal one would cost you probably no more than ~350... Less if you decided to buy used.

Waste of time overclocking.....

You could only go AGP on the graphics.

I think the highest Nvidea AGP card is the 7800GT if my mind goes back that far.

Thime to retire that bad boy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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