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I don't know very much about audio, so I figured I'd ask here before spending money...

Here's the information requested in the sticky thread:

1. Budget. Please try and keep it under $200. Less would be appreciated. I'd rather have something $100 and good than something $200 and slightly better. The only exception to the max price would be if you could find something with extreme durability-- but do bear in mind that when I say "extreme", I mean it.

2. Music. All kinds really. My music library isn't very big, but it is varied. In fact, I don't even know what to call half of it.

3. Important features:
-Must be excellent for gaming.
-Closed back; must be suitable for use in quiet environments.
-Over-ear configuration.
-My body chemistry seems to dissolve the kind of leather or fake leather coating that a lot of manufacturers use on their headphone earpieces. I'm sick and tired of having to pick black flakes of leather-coating out of my ears. So if you can find something with cloth or fabric earpieces, that would be appreciated.
-Must be really tough. I'm very absentminded and clumsy, which takes its toll on objects that are frequently very close to me. I've found only one kind of headphones in my entire life that I can keep alive past a few months-- a simple Panasonic unit-- and those have the dissolving-leather problem, so I can't just buy another set. If I'm gonna spend any real money, I want to receive the calm, relaxing, worry-free experience that comes from knowing that my headphones are OK being stepped on, having their cord pulled very hard because I forgot that the cord was tangled around me and walked away from the computer, being packed into too small a space, etc.
-Must not require an amp.

4. Products I already have: None that I can think of at the moment.

5. How it will be used: Mainly with my desktop, but it must also be OK for use with my laptop and iPhone. Will be used for a combination of gaming, music listening, and ordinary computer use. I generally wear my headphones whenever I'm at a computer, even if I don't have the sound on, so whatever you suggest should be sufficiently comfortable and durable for 12+ hours of wearing at a time with only very short breaks.

6. I live in the USA.

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  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohm. It fits all of your needs including the ear pad construction which is velour I believe. Sound signature is generally described as having boosted bass, boosted treble, and maybe some mid-range recession somewhere (someone who has actually heard it can be more accurate in their description).
  • SoundMagic HP150. I don't know that much about it other than it's popular, closed-back, said to have a decent sound stage for a closed headphone (good for gaming), said to be somewhat close to neutral but maybe with boosted bass? I forget.
  • Audio Technica ATH-A900X, which is my current headphone. It fits most of your needs except the ear pads are made out of fake leather, which I also have problems with. It never flaked off on me though, like other fake leather pads, and I replaced mine with HiFiMan velour pads (not recommended). It's compatible with many other ear pads as mentioned here. I think I'm going to try the MrSpeakers Alpha pads next which are real leather. The A900X is a mostly neutral headphone, only slightly bass-light and also more treble than a totally neutral headphone. Mid-range is forward and has some slight colorations.
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