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Headphones adapter? on my MSI Z97M Gaming Mobo?

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So I wasn't too sure how to title this but hopefully attracting the right people

I am buying this motherboard which is the MSI Z97M Gaming and it comes with "Audio Boost2" Basically I am just wondering, when i put my rig together am i supposed to plug my headphones directly into the jack on the back of the motherboard where all the ports are?

Or do i need an extension, some sort of device where i am supposed to connect the headphones to and the device to the computer?

Sorry I really dont know much about audio

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Originally Posted by thrasherht View Post

You will plug your audio into the ports on the back.
Headphones will normally plug into the front panel, which plugs into the audio header on the motherboard.

If you do plug the headphones into the back of the computer, you have to set the port in the software to know you have headphones hooked up instead of normal speakers.
Thanks for the feedback, yea definitely needed to know this
also i guess i was looking at your build right in your signature and that mouse pad is huge! exactly what I have been looking for lol.

How do you like it?
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