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I am looking for a decent headset for Gaming/Skype/Audio Recording, something for my big head.

I really wanted the Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless Headset but a lot of complaints about it being really tight for big headed people like myself. I mean sometimes I feel like a bobble head.

In the past when I had a Xbox 360, I used Turtle Beach X31s, it was an awesome headset.

Anyways, enough ramblings from me. I have checked out a few different headset brands and I am liking the Corsair brand still but was wondering if any of big headed people had any experience with their other headsets.

These are the model(s) that I like so far but I haven't seen many reviews for bobble heads. xD

Corsair Raptor H5
Turtle Beach PX22

The Corsair Vengeance 1500 is also kind of tight from what I read as well.
I am of course open to other headsets as well but I like the Corsair design a lot, along with the Turtle Beach designs.

I would like to get 5.1surround while staying under the 100$ mark.

-Thanks Peeps

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I had some Audio Technica ATH AD700's before the Beyerdynamic DT880 premiums that I have now and the AT's were one of the most comfortable pair of headphones that I have ever had. I think they would be perfect for the larger head as they were a little loose for me.
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