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heatpipes gone wrong

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has anyone ever heard of the liquid in heatpipes leaking? it happened to a dell that i just fixed... the liquid leaked out of the heat pipes, rendering them useless. The person brought their computer in because the fan was going crazy and it sounded like a jet engine. The P4 overheated and died.
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thats odd.. is he using that new heatpipe w/ liquid metal thing? thats the only thing that i can think of that has liquid in heatpipes because..
i've accidentally lapped my heatpipe vga cooler too far and busted one of the pipes, but nothing came out of it. no liquid or anything.
Yeah, I didn't think heatpipes had liquid in them.
im pretty sure heatpipes have coolant in them? The idea is that the liquid heats up and evaporates up the tube and the gets cooled down by the fan isnt it?
Not many heatpipes have liquid in them. The ones that do are usually marketed with some crazy name like LIQUID HEAT!!.

I no some msi's have this let me try to find them. at least I think its msi, I remember some1 had liquidpipes
Yes it's possible. There's a very small amount of liquid in the pipes so the heat spreads faster through the metal.

I guess they all do. I thought pipe was referring to heat traveling through it, not liquid.
Wiki gives alot of faulse information. But this one is true.
as for the OP, it could easily occur from long use and especially if bad/cheap quality metal has been expanding and contracting for a long period.

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I guess they all do. I thought pipe was referring to heat traveling through it, not liquid.

Hmm...I didn't know that.
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Oh lawdy. Of course there is a substance in the heat pipes. If it's just moving air about what's the point?
Never heard of a heatpipe breaking strange thought there was a liquid or gas in there as well.
there were no physical signs of damage that i could see, but i tried it on a working processor, and the heat wasn't being moved to the fins hardly at all. i looked it up online and it seems that this is a common issue with Dell Heatpipe based heatsinks. the real problem is that there aren't any standard 775 mounting holes on the mobo. They are odly spaced so you can only use dells heatsinks. I hate dell. Also, they don't allow access to the thermal sensor, so it's almost imposibble to tell for sure that the cooler has failed until it's too late.

Edit: oh yeah, i forgot, they don't use standard fan headers either...
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