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Hello everyone. I was looking for guidance on Overclocking my new GTX 780 SC/ACX and stumbled upon this site. New build consists of

i7-4770k @ 4.2ghz
16g DDR3 Ram
2tb Western Digital Black (new line)
EVGA 80+ Bronze 750watt PSU
Thermaltake VL8000 Case

I have a couple of questions though. I was just wondering what some of the overclocks people have achieved on this card. I was messing with Precision X and seemed to have gotten the card at +100core +500mem without noticing any Artifacts in Heaven set to max at 1080p and 8xAA. Got a score of 1600 and 60fps without touching the Voltage. However, after playing Planetside 2 for awhile, the game did freeze a couple times so I lowered it back to stock. I was then playing EverQuest Next Landmark on stock settings this morning and the drivers crashed. So im not sure whats going on.

I was almost tempted to return and exhange the 780 SC for the 780 Classy, but wasnt sure if the increase in price is worth it.

Thanks for reading.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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