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Hello all you OCer`s

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My name is Casey, Im 14 and I live in California and love to push my system farther and farther. As of right now I am not overclocking anything in my computer because of a shortage of money/skills and dont really see a need for it right now. I play CS:S,DOD,BF2,Oblivion,TMN, and HL2, all games at which I pwn at. Im saving all my money to buy new parts, but who isn`t lol. My next upgrade costs about $2,500. OCN seems like a pretty cool place.
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Hi! Welcome To OverClock dot Net! And yes this is a very cool place
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You'll learn plenty here
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thanks guys just had dinner and reading up on watercooling and case mods, it seems that ill be learning with all of you as I try to upgrade and modify my computer.
lol I love that episode
Welcome and enjoy your stay here.
well you can always turn your comp in a space heater during those cold winters or a water heater
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