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Well I've been lurking around the site for a while, decided it was finally time to ACTUALLY join

I'm a newbie with *some* experiance with overclocking. My rig isn't all bad, already done some minor overclocking, along with installed a WaterCooling system.

Useless stuff about the watercooling:
DD D5 pump, RBX Block (yeah, shoulda gotten something a bit better, but I'm a bit short on money), 2x 6800 waterblocks (hooray for christmas
), clearflex tubing, and a 120 Black Ice Extreme radiator with 2 vantec stealths in push/pull, a second hand bit, but that'll be the first thing to go

Hope to see you all around


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Hi and WELCOME to the Forum

This sight is full of it... great people and good info that is!
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