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Hello everyone!

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Hi I am GMNation, real name Jake. I live in Jupiter, FL. and Have always enjoyed messing with computers particularly overclocking windows 98 PII and PIII machines. I have recently bought an HP laptop and Custom desktop, the laptop is nothing special... My desktop is running an ASUS P5q SE board with a pentium dual core liquid cooled and Oc'ed to 3000MhZ With 2gb of super talent RAM. My laptop is my next project and it's Vista so...
My desktop is 98/XP Pro. (I am going Linux soon on my laptop
) But until then I just use it for FireFox and light gaming
. I will hopefully enjoy these forums more than the last ones I got banned from for saying Vista...no joke. I would just like to say hi so...yah. HI!
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Welcome to OCN. You will surely not get banned for saying Vista because I, myself, use Vista
. Enjoy your time here and be sure to fill out your rig specs on the bottom so we can better help you later, in case you do need help.
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Welcome to OCN!!!
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welcome to overclock.net
glad to have you here with us
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