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Hello fellow pc lovers!

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For a while now I've been roaming around the forum as a guest and finally decided that I should sign up so that I can ask questions instead of trying to think of why this why that lol.

I have so many questions to ask, hopefully most of them have already been answered and it justs needs some good searching to find the right answer! Although I love pc and everything that comes with it, I'm kinda a n00b when it comes to knowing stuff about a pc components so I hope I can learn from you guys!

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Hello and welcome to OCN!

Indeed its the best place to learn lots about PC components and more enjoy the stay.
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OCN - better than school! (when learning about computers)
Sup and welcome to this magically place we call OCN.
Welcome. This is a great place to learn. It's like wizard school, I know what Harry Potter feels like. You will enjoy it here.
Welcome to OCN!
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welcome! post up your system specs when you get a chance.
System posted up. Spare the laughs, just finished being a student and Im currently jobless

Hopefully when I get a job I can get a better system.
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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