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I run a small software company that specialzies in high performance in-memory data storage systems for .Net based systems.

Just built a pretty expensive high spec system here for development/testing - i7-3960x, Asus Rampage IV and 64GB of DDR3. Also have a GeForce GTX 580 4GB.

My origins include electronics - I studied this field in 70s and wrote several articles about robots, 3D graphics (before there were any for the PC) - and later moved full time into software a field I have worked in for approx 30 years now professionally.

Originally from Liverpool UK, I now live in the USA, most of my work is done with Visual Studio 2010 and I use C# and ordinary C for writing OS level code.

I'm gonna be picking the brains of all you overclock experts as I strive to get utmost from this hardware.


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