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Hello, I'm new from Vermont. Just Finished my first build!

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I just finished my first build yesterday! (the specs should appear under "system" section of the post) for now i'm just getting everything up and running the way i want it to which includes a lot of software and copying large amounts of info over USB (for some reason i'm denied permission to the shared folder on my laptop....very strange) so far i love it! Windows 7 is also great! the one thing i haven't done is overclocking. I've snooped around in the BIOS a bit but didn't change anything (i really have 0 experience as the other two machines i've used were A)my dad's desktop and he wouldn't let me touch it haha and B) a toshiba satellite laptop). Its great to have a decent system again! the desktop was great...about 4 and a half years ago lulz. For the new system, i LOVE the nforce 780i esp in a big case (that GTX 285 is HUGE!!). on side note todays my birthday ^_^ (19th)
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Happy birthday and welcome! I think you might have fun with that system. Good luck.
Happy birthday! Nice rig, you should get some fun out of that for sure! There is a lot of info regarding overclocking Intel here, that seems to be the majority. Welcome!
welcome to OCN
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Happy Birthday and welcome to OCN

Very nice computer you've got there and I'm sure some of the experienced overclockers here will be more then willing to help you out. My first time I ever overclocked I was coached over the phone by a great member here

Hope to see you around

PS, Vermont maple syrup has nothing on Quebec

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thanks for the warm welcome

@blankthis: VT maple syrup is the best in the world. no question.
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Where in VT if I may ask? I am currently in Cabot.
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I'm from B-Town, small world.
a beta for your main rig!!!!! i wouldnt do it but ok and welcome and thats a really nice starter this is my second build my first had 7300gs lol
Welcome to OCN, and enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the board.Good luck with the overclock.Just read up as much as you can and dont be afraid to ask questions.
@rambow70 yea i was a little worried about the beta but it works great (and i have a backup drive) plus it keeps me sharp cause basically every piece of software has some incompatibility that i have to figure out how to overcome :-D i'm sure most find that annoying tho...guess i'm a strange person haha
@igeek your system: holy ****.
btw can anyone direct me to a good first read intro to overclocking thread?
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