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hey everybody i would just like to say that this site is a awsome source for information and i have been browsing this site for awhile but finally made an account. Here's my very first build i just put it together last weekend and overclocked it with the help of the knowledgeable members of this site. Let me know what everybody thinks and if you have any suggestions would be great, thank you.


Thermaltake M9 Black Case with 3 120mm Blue Led Fans w/ The inside painted satin black, i cant stand 2 toned cases for some reason.

Gigabyte Motherboard GA-MA785GM-US2H

Ultra LSP 550watt Power Supply

AMD X2 250 Overclocked to 3.5Ghz *REGOR Series* w/Stock Heatsink and
Thermaltake 80mm Blue Led Fan

OCZ Reaper series PC2-8000 1000Mhz 2.1v X 4GB (5-5-5-18-25-2T) Unganged

Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)

Bios OverClock Specs:

CPU Clock Ratio/Multiplier - x14
CPU NorthBridge Freq./Multiplier - x9(Had to press Ctrl+F1 to access in Bios)
CPU Frequency(MHz) - 250MHz
PCI-E Clock Freq.(MHZ) - 100MHz
HT Link Width - 16bits
HT Link Frequency - 1.8GHz
Memory Clock Multiplier - x4.00 (Default) 1000mhz
DDR2 Voltage - + 0.300
NorthBridge Voltage - Normal (Default)
SouthBridge Voltage - Normal (Default)
CPU NB VID - Normal (Default)
CPU Voltage - Normal (Default)

OverClock Results From CPU-Z:

Core Speed - 3500MHz
Multiplier - x14.0
Bus Speed 250MHz
HT Link - 2250MHz
Dram Freq. - 500MHz

Stress Test:

Prim95 - Blend Test for 1hr and 30min with 0 errors and CPU temp never went passed 46c and idle is 36c.

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Welcome to OCN, and glad you've got right into things. You might be better off putting the larger "half" of your post in the AMD General section. Nice build though, and glad to have you here.
Welcome to OCN!
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Nice rig and welcome to OCN
Welcome to OCN, nice rig man!!!
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