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Hello, Soul Brew anyone?

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Hi, I'm Oddworld Abe from The Netherlands.
I've been gaming all my life, but always on pre-build systems. I know, shame on me!
But now I'm ready to start building my own PC,
I've read and learned a lot on this forum and have set up a system. I'm really dedicated to my new system and I'm putting all of my money into this for the next few months.

It's only a few hundred euro's a month but I'm not going for a budget system, I have to do a few concessions like no SSD's but I'm getting to 'tl;dr' lengts.
I look forward to participating in this forum!
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welcome to ocn

I hope you enjoy the forums as much as I do, a lot of info in there

Anyways, im from NL to
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Hey and welcome to OCN!
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