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Hello to all this is my first question

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This is my first question since I based all my overcloking from what your info and it's most useful

I’m using OCZ reaper 800 MHz set to 1:1 and have successfully overclocked to 3242 and it's very stable at 1.5 volts. Am building another set up with same E2180 processor and the big question is this:

Can I use same OCZ memory but 1066 speed instead of 800 MHz?
Will this work with an 800 MHz CPU?

Thanks for your help
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Yes of course. But the RAM:CPU ratio will be just different. But there is minimal difference.
Welcome to OCN! Please fill in your system specs.

Answer to both questions is yes, those reapers can probably easily run at 1066.
woot woot welcome to overclock.net looks like your already on your way to becoming an active member of our overclocking cloud
Hi and Welcome to OCN!!

Nice name too
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Thank you for your responses and I will fill in my specs as soon as I finish my ultimate system!! Still finding my way around this forum but it has helped me immensely in my overclock process

Please do get the questions going in the appropriat seegment though.
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Sorry still learning this is my first forum!

Originally Posted by MEGA-SPOCK View Post
Sorry still learning this is my first forum!
Nothing wrong with that
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