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First forum post for me but I spent a little time in the chat earlier and got some solid advice.

I'm out of the country as of now and the only think I brought with me is a laptop with a Pentium 2 300mhz cpu , 128mb of ram.

Can't wait to get home and work on my computer. Haven't had the money to fix it up lately.

Currently it is something like this:

XP 64 bit
Q6600 with stock cooler at stock speed with stock TIM(cause i get nasty temps allready)
4 x 1GB OCZ DDR2 800
DFI Lanparty
8800 GTS 320 mb

I hope to upgrade the mobo to one with 2 pcie x16 so I can add another 8800. I'll probably also get a new heat sink I was thinking the tuniq tower but someone recomended the vendetta for me. No need to build a whole new comp just yet for me. I'll wait till the gtx 200 series drops in price.
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Hi and Welcome to OCN!!!
Welcome and enjoy your stay (btw 2056 posts woot)
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thanks for the welcomes.

Chris: wow nearly 10 million folding points. How long have you been contributing?
Welcome to OCN!!!
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