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I've been lurking these forums and leeching information for a month or so now and figured I might as well introduce myself.

I built my first pc about 2 months ago and I wish I had done more research here first. I've already found several "mistakes" that I made when choosing my hardware. I don't think I made any bad decisions but a few items could have been better and I've become obsessed with the internal appearance of my rig after seeing some of the pictures in the modders section so some items are getting changed.

My system is mostly just for gaming but I want to dabble in some light overclocking and maybe a little modding. Hopefully I don't ask too many stupid questions
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Hello. I dont see anything wrong with your system at all. The Phenome II has some great overclocking potential. Welcome and good luck.
welcome to our overclocking cloud
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Welcome to OCN!!!
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