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mine using a lower end heatsink fan combo from thermaltake
was pushing 130°f
now i have a thermaltake tower112 with some serious fans
and cpu temps under load have dropped to 108.5°f
you want to try and stay below 130°
i wont let mine go above 120°
your abit came with software called ABIT EQ
this is a good place to monitor your temps...
then run something that uses alot of your processor...
such as folding software
get it here
folding is a good thing you can read up about it to learn more
and you can get the folding icon like the one below my name...
its the red gear looking thing

but more important is that it can give you an indication of how hot your processor is running with the current setup...
if you run too hot you can kill your processor...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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