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OK, im new i just got a new laptop. everything on it will run 2142 with ease. but the videocard only has 64mb shared memory..... i have 1 gig now, if i upgrade to two gigs will the memory of the videocard go up? or am i screwd? this is the only thing holding me back from playing. please help!!!!!
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I believe if it said it uses shared 64mb it only uses that much even if you upgrade, but I would be wrong.
there is sometimes a video RAM allocation option in the BIOS
Enter the BIOS and choose the amont of ram you want to allocate to the VID card. However, on my lappy I've seen there's no difference in giving it 64 or 256 MB (x300 ATI integrated)
These aret he specs..
TL-52 N.B.
DDR2 5300 1 GIG
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA)
This is the link to it, i cant buy a vid card?


NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) graphics with up to 288MB shared video memory; S-video TV-out

You can share up to 288 according to the specs.
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Originally Posted by dragosmp View Post
You can share up to 288 according to the specs.
I have the same laptop, but with the TL-50 X2 Turion. I upgraded the ram to 2GB and was able to select a higher shared ram for the video card. I cant remember how much but I will check my laptop and post later (it is currently at my girlfriend's house).
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OK, when I had 1GB of ram I could select up to 64mb of shared ram. Now with 2GB I can select up to 128mb of ram.
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