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I need some help here, if you guys got any info or suggestions, let me know.

Just assembled a new build, here's the parts:
intel 2700k
asus maximus iv gene-z/gen3
antec 920 cpu cooler
OCZ vertex 3 240gb MAX-IOPS
Enermax MAXREVO 1350 psu
NZXT vulcan case + dvd bluray burner

Here is what happened, i assembled the computer and actually got windows installed successfully. After that, i decided to go into the bios and discovered that the resolution was way out-of-whack, then when i used my arrow keys i got big areas of bright pixelation.

At first it appeared like corrupt bios. So i returned the board. Had to get a new board quick, so i got on from Newegg.

Same exact issues.

So, now it appears like a cpu issue, EXCEPT, when i am in windows the computer performs like it should, with no issues at all.

I notice that the gen3 version came out at the same time as 2700k and that these new uefi bios might not support the 2700k yet, but this board has been out for a couple months already and still only has ONE bios?

So i flashed the bios anyways, successfully, and still have the same issues.

Also there is a weird screen resolution problem with major over/underscan issue, so i got out my trusty old 4870 graphics card, and used that instead of the onboard intel graphics. Sure enough, some of the resolution issue was corrected, however the corrupt looking bios with pixelations was still present.

When i went into the ezflash bios screen, the pixelation issues disappeared!!

So, it appears there may be a issue with the bios not supporting the 2700k.

What do you guys think? Is there anybody with a perfectly working 2700k bios with a gen3 board???

Screenshot :

IMG_20120116_184659.jpg 1243k .jpg file


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Originally Posted by bruflot View Post

It looks like it works completely fine for this guy..
Ever touched the CPU before grounding yourself etc.?
Definately was grounded, and that guy was actually using the gene-z but it wasn't the gen3 version, as the asus rep explains to me they are hardwired slightly different, going into the integrated cpu lanes

thanks for the quick response btw
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