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Help AMD 64 Athlon 4000+ OC'ing

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i need help with my over clocking on my amd 4000+. I need to no If I have it running at 2.41 GHz and my temps are 32C idle and 40C load what settings (FSB, CPU voltage, Multiplier, and Core speed. I tried it the wrong way and it went slower. Help!!!!

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fsb = 200
multi = x12
voltage = 1.55v will be fine

and those temps are fine as long as its all under 50c load
hope a helped
if not just ask me again
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wont that get me a 2.40 i want to over clock it higher

well first things first lower your htt to x3 so that the total fsb isnt over 1000mhz

then up the fsb of the chip to 205 x12 should give ya 2.46 ghz
if pc comes on then up it another 5mhz to 210 then run a torture test like prime 95 or occt for 15mins then if no faults up it another five. but if there is faults up the vcore another notch to 1.6v and then try 215x12 =2.58 DONT GO ANY HIGHER THAN 1.6V and 1.65v if you have good cooling and temps are below 50c load try that then

fsp = 205/210/215/220
vcore = 1.55/1.6v
multi = x12
htt= x4
you can use the x4 htt up until 250 then down it to x3
ps thanx for the rep

just ask if you need help and those settings will will work
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my stock speed is 2.4 ghz if I can how would i get it to 2.7
well wait a min you shouldnt need to raise the vcore i got 300mhz more on my 3200 on stock so you should get 2.7 no problem

so that would be

12x 225 = 2700mhz
htt = x4 ( 4x225) = 900mhz
opps almost forgot put yor ram on a 166 divider !!!!!!!!!!! or 333
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try 225 x 12
that will give you 2.7
EDIT: you beat me to it

he might not need to put the ram on a divided
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and vcore will be 1.55v
sry a bit of a mess hear it is clear

vcore 1.55v
fsb 225
multi x12
htt x4
mem divider 166
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so fsb=225 mult=12 voltage=1.525 and HTT=4
or the vcore 1.55v thats it

divider 166 not unless your ram can handle 225mhz i think
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With all due respect...
Didn't your English teachers tell you about using caps. when starting a sentance or with proper names?
Don't shoot the messanger

I'm not all that good with gramer and mistakes too.
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when I get to my gaming computer I will try these speeds and let you know how it works

Hey can i ask you guys a question about my video card (6800 GS).
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