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[email protected]@ BSOD to no Picture .. Can't fix

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Last night I was playing Call of Duty when I got a BSOD. All of my specs are below. I have actually never gotten a BSOD before, I didn't think much of it, I restarted and everything was fine. I wake up today, turn on my pc and there is no picture on my monitor, so i restart.. It boots up into windows, shows me my desktop and BSOD again.. So I try to restart and I keep getting no picture... BUT every 1/10 tries I load past the BIOS to the Windows start up and then it BSOD's.. OR I hit delete to go into my BIOS but I can't use my keyboard to make any selections or exit and save, it's just stuck.

I reseated everything, cleaned it out and still, nothing. I recently got it to boot up again and something wierd happened, in the black screen that told me my last boot failed, some of the white text had white distortions underneath it, just random splotches.


1) BSOD during Cod..
2) Restarted, everything a-ok
3) Wake up, no video on monitor, restart and BSOD
4) No video on monitor, every 1/10 tries i get past BIOS message and then BSOD at windows desktop
5) Reseated /cleaned/dusted everything
6) All fans are working, everything is in place properly

Can someone please assist, I have a thread on techsupportforum but there are very little responses, and I have two essays + a case study on my PC that I need to retreive, and no other machine to plug my HDD into.

Thanks guys
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I tried the cards individually and there was no difference..

I then tried my 7950gt, and no difference so I think I've ruled out the cards?
I can't really reinstall if I can't even boot..
So can you POST at the moment or not? Are you able to get into BIOS?

When you say you reseated everything, did you clear the CMOS battery?
If you can still POST, hit F8 after the POST screen and choose 'Disable automatic restart on boot failure'.

Then boot as normal, next time you get a blue screen write down the stop code and post back here.

Blue screen can be literally one of a thousand+ things, the STOP code will tell us exactly what your problem is.

Very rarely is a windows reinstall needed with blue screen cycling.
Do you Have the D-led diagnostic lights or a Digital diag thing? Im trying to help you with your not posting issue.
try the ram sticks individually.....are your hdds in raid 0?

edit.....have you tried default bios settings?
HDD's are not in Raid, I tried the ram individually.

The problem is that I cannot get into the BIOS, even when It does boot and I select to go into it, I can't actually do anything there.

I did reset the cmos battery, I took it out, hit power to release residual power and tried i again, nothing worked.

I'm going to keep trying to get into a boot and BSOD for you to get an error code, sigh.. brb
Just rebooted like 9309302920329 times and can't get anything.. Dont know what to say..

I really dont think it's the video cards as I've tried 3 different... I just want to know that If if I buy new parts theyll all work , I guess...
And I can't even post in the WTB/WTS thread on this forum ><

Does anyone have an i7 920, any decent x58 motherboard, 6bg ddr3 1600mhz ram and a 750w modular PSU? I'm pretty sure that my mobo is busted.
I can't get any video signal, period.

Originally Posted by Pankie View Post
I can't get any video signal, period.
Like I asked earlier do you have d-led(will usually have 2 usb ports and 4leds in a square and be located in the back of computer in one of the expansion slots) or a digital Diagnostic thingy(2 digit screen thingy on the motherboard)..


Looks like this
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No, I'm sorry I don't. All that I have are HDD activity lights, I beleive.
Have you cleared the CMOS? If it's a bad OC or something that will set everything back to stock.

Originally Posted by Phaedrus2129
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Have you cleared the CMOS? If it's a bad OC or something that will set everything back to stock.

He has indeed cleared the CMOS.


Originally Posted by Pankie
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I did reset the cmos battery, I took it out, hit power to release residual power and tried i again, nothing worked.

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Update... I get it to boot again, it turns on and displays the BIOS picture (in this case, the ferrari logo) It just sits there, forever.

I am given the options to press delete to enter setup, or tab to display post bios message like usualy, but upon pressing these nothing happens at all. I'm pretty sure it has to be the motherboard at this point if my peripherals aren't even working or the motherboard just isn't going anywhere with the boot.
It can be a number of things. The best way to diagnose your problem would be to get a D-led thingy and plug it in and then match the lights to your manual and find out exactly what is the problem. Ive had my computer not post because of things as simple as faulty usb crap.
Try ram sticks individually, Also Reset your CMOS for about 30 seconds!! If none work, id suggest its your PSU..
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