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[HELP] CANNOT get files from old HDD onto current system

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Hi all

Basically my laptop very suddenly died on its a**e today. On it was a Linux mint, and Win7 Install. Now I rarely used it I just want a few documents, pictures etc from the HDD. It absolutely will not boot so I have it plugged into the desktop.

The issue is of course the ownership of the folders. I have tried all sorts, including the registry edit that gives you the option of taking ownership. I just cant get in!!

Note that when I manually tried to take the ownership it told me the drive was write protected.

Please help, this is really starting to P**S me off

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Really? I'll give that a try for sure. Just gotta get hold of a live CD haha. I literally just want to C+P some files

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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