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help : can't install xp on new hdd(laptop)

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I have an acer travelmate 4103wlm laptop. Previously, when i tried to reformat my hdd and reinstall xp using the systems and recovery cd bundled together with my laptop, it finished installation but when i want to reboot it to start to windows, it came out with a blue screen saying that an error has occured and the laptop has to be restarted. Once i restart it, it states that 'media test failure, check cable' and when i restart it again the laptop prompts me to enter hdd password after the bios loading screen. The hdd password seems to be created after the error and I'm not sure why it happens. Hope some of you can help me out on this issue.

Next i tried to replace my original hdd with an external hdd(taken the cover out and plug in the hdd slot of my laptop) and use the recovery cd to install xp. It followed this sequence: insert systems cd(bootable,this is where i select full hdd recovery which means formatting if i'm not wrong) > insert recovery cd 1 (load a screen with progress bar, at the bottom first it says restoring partition then it says found some bad sector, then progress bar continued) > insert recovery cd 2 (progress bar 100%, it prompts me to reinsert the systems cd, it will copy some programs and finish the process) > when i insert the systems cd, the whole process starts all over, it prompts me whether i want to do a full hdd recovery again. I did formatting with my original hdd before and when i reinsert systems cd, a progress bar will pop up and says copying data, once it's done it will prompt me to remove cd and reboot and xp will start. But in the case of this new hdd, it just restarts the process again and again.

Then i tried to get a windows xp cd from my friend and install, this is only one cd. I selected a full format at first but it didn't seem to work. Then i restarted my laptop and run the cd again, this time i selected quick format, it works and then proceeds to install xp as well. Then when i removed the cd and reboot, it loads to bios and then shows a blank screen for a few minutes(about 5mins) before loading the xp screen, then after it loads a blue screen and said error has occurred and computer will restarts automatically.
Can anyone tell me if i did something wrong and how to install xp to this new hdd that i took from an external hdd. The new hdd is a 120G hitachi hdd that i've been using as external hdd for some time, and the original hdd is a toshiba 80G hdd with two partition, 40G on each side.
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@vlasov 581 : it's the standard blue screen error that most ppl post online .. saying that there was some problem with windows and it had to shut down to prevent any error. But i did not manage to capture the error code.

@Skullzaflare : yes it was working before that but my laptop begins to restart automatically for some time and sometimes it just crash with the blue screen showing before turning off. That's why i decided to format it. For the first few times that i format the original hdd, the error will occur after running the laptop for couple of hours/days, then there was one time that i formatted and it prompt me to enter hdd password. What happens after that is decsribed above.
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