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Which monitor should I go for?

  • E207WFP

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  • 2005FPW

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  • ST2210

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Barring any glaring flaws (dead/stuck pixels, cracks, etc.), what would the pros and cons be of the following screens.

1.) Dell E207WFP, 1680x1050

2.) Dell 2005FPW, 1680x1050

3.) Dell ST2210, 1920x1080

The ST2210 is obviously the higher res, but I'm wondering about the screen quality and such in the others. They are all three on Craigslist right now, the first two being $90 to $100 and the third currently asking $180. The extra resolution isn't an enormous deal for me, but is at least a slight concern so to speak. I especially like that (I believe) the first two can be oriented for portrait viewing, which would make them favorable as a secondary in the future.

The screen won't be used for hardcore photography or gaming, but rather used for both (plus the typical web browsing and such). Like I said, nothing hardcore (read: professional), but I'd like to have some decent use out of either of them regardless.

Any particular things I should be looking for from any of them? Which one would ya go for?
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