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Help Diagnose Prob with Phenom II X3 720 PC

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So this is my parents PC.

Troubles its having it randomly locks up, even at the Bios splash screen at times and it happens a lot during Windows 7's loading screen. Things I have tried are a 6 hour memtest which came up with no errors, windows update and cccleaner. I've tried safe mode as well but even then sometimes booting up it will lock up. I have switched the PSU, I have reset bios to optimized defaults. I really don't know what to do anymore, I'm not sure if its high temperatures causing the problems but I do think they are too high. Sometimes after shutting the PC off it won't turn back on unless pulling the the power from the PSU and hitting the power button again. This is leading me to believe its something with hardware and not software.

Also the case its in is horrendous as it has no intakes nor an exhaust...lol

Anyway any input or advice would be appreciated. Mods, could you please move this over to AMD General forums or any other place you seem better fit for this type of question, thanks!

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What are the specs of the rig? (mobo, RAM brand and rated timings, cpu voltage).
I couldnt see the pic (on my phone) so I dont know what your temps are like.
720's are typically very cool running CPUs. At stock speeds mine wouldnt, even with stock cooler, go over 45C. Although that was in case with decent airflow. However, if you're getting to 62C that is way too hot.

One thing about the RAM, memtest only tests the ram and not the controller. You'll need to run prime95 blend test (set mem to be tested to max). That'll put a good load on the IMC and the ram. Try to run it as long as possible.
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