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Help finding a cube type case..

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Ive found this one, but im unsure of its quality. Any suggestions?
Apevia Q-pack. Or anything really that I would be able to lug around better, I now have a Chenming server tower, but its so big.

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They small? Like really small? Will I be able to fit my current rig in it?
And yes it is pricey, but who cares lol.
i cant say anything about that. Maybe someone who has/had the case will say something.
that ufo case is huge! not exactly something you'd want to lug around.
alright, Ive built 22 of these thingss, very cramped. the aprevia x q-pack only takes a mini atx board, BUT it has a slide out mobo tray s installation is EASY!

There is only room for 2 opticals, 2 HDDs, 1 case fan, 2 floppy drives, and I think 4 PCI comps.

Its a very sturdy case, if you get it, tighten down and maybe reinforce the screws and mounts for the handle, although I have carried these by the handle, but only with one HDD and one optical in them.

I have also found in some of these cases the power button shorts itself on the aluminum casing, to remedy that, take off the front plate and put electrical tape on the exposed wires on the back of the power button. (you have to remove the front plate to reinforce the handle anyways, so do both at once)

other than those 2 nuances, its a pretty durable case, and you can get even better airflow by adding a blow hole fan and/or a front case fan, you just gotta be creative with a dremel.

Id never use the case because I have 5 HDDs in my main rig. but for lan parties you dont need 1TB of drive space, all you need is a competant mini atx board and a good video card (since Ive never seen a mini board with dual video card slots, I think that is out of the question here)
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With this build Ill be using my Biostar Tforce 6100 , FX-55 , 7600GT , 2 gigs ram, Audigy 2, 1 HDD ( Have to buy).

Most of these parts such as the mobo and Audigy are coming out of my main computer, the rest is stuff I had. Will it all fit?
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