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Help Finding DLM for Asus files.

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ok im getting a new CPU ( AMD 955 ) Dec 2nd. so i need to Update the bios of my Motherboard to support AM3 tech. sence the Motherboard is AM2+

now when i goto the site i find my mobo.. choose OS. goto the Bios Updater.
and it tells me i need to download Akamai DLM. i google said program and cant find it!?? anywhere? what is this non sense. Asus.com does not give any links. in the forums. download section. same with adobe ( google found like 3 pages of FAQ on it. but no Download? )

im about to get pretty upset about all this. ive been looking for the better part of an hour!

can someone please find this file for me to download. so i can download my bios update. then delete the program for ever off my pc!!!!

also someone explain who Asus/Adobe would force such a stupid program on people? why are company's so stupid!

( and before anyone asks. the (other ) download link is broken and wont work from asus.com, it non Akamai DLM but it don't work. amazing.
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found the file. you MUST use IE to get it. its ActiveX. how ******ed.
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