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After a few days of testing and overclocking I found the sweetspot of my card (ASUS STRIX r9280), these are the results :

[] = stock

Core clock: 1150 [980]
Mem clock: 1575 [1300]
Core Voltage: 1125 [1250] (yes I undervolted)

Now, I would like to get rid of third party OC apps (afterburner), and boost clocks and flash these settings to the card.

Just to be clear, what I want to achieve is:

1. Overclock GPU
2. Overclock Memory
3. Undervolt
4. Get rid of Boost Clock
5. Custom Fan profile

I have never done this before so I hope someone can help me get through this without killing my card.

I understand I should use VBE7 to mod the BIOS I extracted from my card using GPU-Z

These are the changes I made (left is stock settings right is modded version):

The overlocks I mentioned above ran stable at +5% Powerlimit. To be safe I added 10% in the modded BIOS.

Should this concern me?

Does this all look right to you?

Any help would be GREATLY apreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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