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Help getting E6550 stable 3.5+ghz

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Got some troubles lately while playing anno 1404,
This overclock was stable for many games but it does not for anno i see.
Keeps on hanging and bsod's after a 30min gameplay.
-Its got 1.45v in bios, 1.39v stressed and 1.41 idle in windows.
-Heat gets up to 60°C with ambient of 24°C with cooler in sig.
-Ram is getting 2.10 > 2.13v (OCZ says 2.10v to 2.15 EVP) problem is next setting in bios is 2.21V should i care?
-System mem mp is at 2 > 1000mhz ram (1066)Latencies are 5-6-6-18
-MCH is at +0.3V (max)
-Other one too +0.3V (FSB)

So how do i get this stable,i need to keep this setup for at least a year..
Thx in advance!
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*seriously disappointed in oc.net
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