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Hi. A couple of weeks ago i noticed that in afterburner my GPU was using about 196 % power just sitting at desktop with 0% GPU usage. I havent gamed in a while just for youtube and such. So when i fired up BF4 i noticed very poor FPS.

PC specs:

I7-2600k @4.5ghz
8Gb Corsair dominator 1333
MSI 760 twin frozr
samsung 840 pro

Once i even noticed it said i was using about 56 000% of TDP but i just laughed because it was stupid and carried on.
and the wierd thing is that EVGA precicion and MSI afterburner sais its using about 550%. So the programs shows diffrent values

At desktop.

Furmark running:

And i've been searching for answers for hours on end and not finding anything.
and it wont increase the clock because of the pwr limit from GPU boost. But the card runs cool and with low fan speed and GPU usage so i think its a bug somewhere.

So far i've tried:

Updating Nvidia drivers
Uninstalling and reinstalling Nvidia drivers
Uninstalling and deleting everything related to Nvidia using "Display Driver Uninstaller" and reinstalling
Reseating GPU.

Reinstalling all of the GPU "diagnostics/overcloking" tools.

I havent tried to reformat W7 though

Anyone got any tips/tricks/advice?
Any way to make GPU boost ignore TDP usage?
Any one had the problem before and how did you fix it?
Only thing i could try is to reformat w7 but thats the last resort. I hate reformatting.

Thanks in adavance

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Have you tried setting default application settings in NVCP to "prefer maximum performance"? Are you using both Afterburner and Precision X together? Uninstall both of them, do NOT save your profile settings and re-install Afterburner alone.

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I tried maximum performance. Didnt work. The problem is that the card thinks its powerlimited i think.

and yes. i Uninstalled all programs related to the GPU, drivers, programs and all. Then installed the drivers and furmark/afterburner. No help

I'll try again today. Removing everything related to afterburner. reinstalling the drivers and then installing just afterburner.
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