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EDIT: probably found logical reasoning why it was starving...

I have Gigabyte gv-n670oc-4gd windforce 3X card and started to overclock it, but then i have big problem with power limiter, seems i cant rise it with kgb or kepler bios tweaker...
1.27 has more options but no explanation what is what? First, third and bottom three options aint working for me.

So my card is starving for more power and i cant find a way to give more, it's a 6+2 pwm pcb with adp4100 voltage controller, 6+8pin...
Would want to avoid hard mods if thats possible, but will do if nothing else helps...
And no, i'm not running into heat problems, 55 is max i get with automatic fan speed.

Did flash my card with 1,212V bios etc...
After 1,175V i run into power limit, even turning up fan speeds means automatic downclocking...
For at faster speeds needed to downclock memory to get it flat at fastest speed, 1333MHz heaven stable with memory at -750, 1320MHz stable with memory -500 etc
But memory wants to be clocked too and then it starts to reduce speed to stay within power limit... +500mem reduces clock speed in heaven even to 1137 sometimes.

So far i'm running bios with following settings:
GPU - Vgpu
1306 - 1,212
1293 - 1,212
1280 - 1,2
1267 - 1,187
1254 - 1,175
1241 - 1,162
1228 - 1,15
1215 - 1,137
so far so good, but from here it does not follow my specified speed/voltage
1202 -1189 specified to run at 1,137, actual 1,15
1176-1150 specified 1,125, actual 1,15V
not a very big problem atm, have not tested lower voltages and speeds yet....

For speed table i tested in Heaven 4 with 10 minute runs until problems and then lowered at least by 13MHz from that to get my bios values (so at 1,175V it was stable to 1280MHz, 1,162V to 1254MHz etc)
Maybe it would clock even higher because i dont know if i'm running into speed problems or it starts to lower speed and at the same time lowers voltage to unstable for that speed,
in Battlefield 4 i found out that i had problem on lower speeds with voltage table near 1,1V but that was just guessing and already fixed (upped) in new bios...
Very time consuming to test out every voltages max clock, but being power limited every drop of power saving helps...

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i have 2 gtx 660 sc's tried same thing , i have a feeling the bios wont alow it..

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Bios should allow it, atm i'm running it with power i need...
Playing Skyrim at 5840x1080 with ENB on (so max gpu usage) now uses about evenly 1306, 1293 and 1280 speeds while memory being 3402MHz.... really don't care if it changes between these 3 speeds. At least it's not dropping under 1100 with oc-d memory like before and the difference is huge while playing!!!
In heaven 4 it stays now at 1306 with 3402 mem, so bios does change it, but with settings i have done i'm not sure anymore how safe my changes are and why only 9W change allows my card to use like 40+ watts more?

Have flashed over 200 times probably (even tried 770 bios) to figure out if something changes and tune my voltages and other settings, but since i'm still not clear about some settings then my way might be unsafe...
Some gaming hours, heaven runs, furmark etc have not done any harm yet, only my mind asks me while gaming and seeing watt-meter: "how does the card get this extra power and is it safe?"
So there probably is some trick behind it what i don't understand yet.

And since i have 6+8pin power connectors, my reported power limits never reach 100% so that slider has been always pointless for me... about 80% was usual.
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