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help I cant get my cpu to oc at all

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ok when i try and oc, i turn the fsb up just a tad past 210 and drop the multi just a tad down to 10x from 11x. and then it becomes unstable and i have to reset cmos. why is this? what can i do? my psu should be able to do a bit of an oc on 18a @12v. I no not much but some right? my temps are a tad high (53 load) but other than than that I wanna know why I cant oc?
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The 12+v rail is a bit low for your system. 24a is recommended with a singel power in vid card for stable OCing.
I saw you got the HTT ahswer in your other thread

As said.. reduce the LDT (Memory Controler) multiplyer.
As you OC you may need to increase the LDT's voltage along with the nForce chip.
You also seem to be getting high CPU temps... with that XP-120 something is a miss because it should do very well to keep the CPU cooler. A reseat and reapply AS5... the AS5 may be excessive... use very little, just a very thin film and dont spread it with your finger, use something plastic.
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