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I have a Celeron N2840 laptop. I'm big fan of cheap, passively cooled laptops, but honestly, N2840 is not very fast at all, it struggles even loading/displaying/scrolling websites that have a lot of embedded animations/videos/active elements. So I'm looking to upgrade it.

My problem is that I can't find any test that would compare these low-cost passively cooled alternatives to each other. I would be interested in both CPU and graphics power. So how these compare to each other in terms of CPU and graphics power?

Celeron N2840, 2 cores, 2.16/2.56GHz, 7.5W TDP, 4 graphics execution units
Celeron N3050, 2 cores, 1.60/2.16GHz, 6.0W TDP, 12 graphics execution units
Celeron N3150, 4 cores, 1.60/2.08GHz, 6.0W TDP, 12 graphics execution units
Atom Z8500, 4 cores, 1.44/2.2.24GHz, 4.0W TDP, 4 graphics execution units
Pentium N3450, 4 cores, 2.16/2.66GHz, 7.5W TDP, 4 graphics execution units
Pentium N3700, 4 cores, 1.60/2.40GHz, 6.0W TDP, 16 graphics execution units
I know Atom Z8700 and Pentium N3710 also exist, but I never ever seen any laptop equipped with them, so they are out of question really.

I think Celeron N3050 is quite week, Atom Z8500 is better but have only 4 graphics execution units, so video is weak. Celeron N3150 looks much better to me. Pentium N3540 seems to have more CPU power than N3150 but has a lot less graphics execution units. So, to me, it seems Pentium N3700 is the winner, with CPU power probably a bit less than N3540 but probably much faster video.

Do you agree with the quick above analysis? Do you know of any test/review that compares them. Or if you don't, what is your experience? Also, I can't put a percentage figure next to them, so if N2840 is 100% CPU and 100% graphics power, than approx. how much % would be the others. For example, would N3700 be 150% CPU and 150% graphics, would it be 200% CPU and 300% graphics, or ...?

What I mostly use the present laptop for (and what I would use the new one for):
- MS Office (no problem with this)
- Watching videos (no problem with this)
- Listening to audiobook/online radio stations (no problem with this)
- Web browsing (have problems with this)
- Playing simple web-browser based games such as Agar.io (have problems with this)

So, basically I would like to make my web browsing/playing experience more fluid. How bad it is at the moment with N2840: A good example is www.wunderground.com Let's say I want to open Cambridge's weather forecast page. If I use Firefox with ad blocker, then it fully loads the page in less than 10 seconds. (I turn on Task Manager, and watch the performance graph - it goes up to 100% and remains there for some 8 or so seconds.) However, if I turn off ad blocker, so all the ad videos also load/displayed then it takes it around 55(!!) seconds to fully load the page (again, in Task Manager, the performance graph stays at 100% for this long). Also, there are things like typing in the search field of YouTube, and it sometimes takes 5 or so seconds for the typed characters to show up. That's just too bad, my smartphone does lot better than that... Or if I have a YouTube video running, then pretty much I can't really do too much else simultaneously as everything takes ages. Agar.io is only playable in Firefox with low graphics settings, in Edge or Opera it's just stuttering way too bad - and it's a very simple game indeed...

Thank you for the help in advance.

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I have Z8500 tablet. Passive cooling. It can go up to 80c, when on constant load. It's the most weakest wattage on that list.

A full laptop will have more room for cooling and ofc with more performance, your short interactions will be more snappier.

http://ark.intel.com/products/85474/Intel-Atom-x5-Z8500-Processor-2M-Cache-up-to-2_24-GHz does say Z8500 has 12 execution units

If it says "intel HD graphics" w/o any numbers, suspect it to be pretty bad. Get one that is 14nm, better performance/wattage than 22nm. Pentium N3700 should win graphics war, as it's ~100MHz higher clock speed with little more execution units, hope it stays cool.

Pretty much follows the rule of who ever has most cores and clock speed (CPU only chart):

ublock origin better ad blocker.
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