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HELP Intel Q9400 Wont Go Higher Then 3.32Ghz

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hi i have a intel q9400 cpu OC at 3.32Ghz right and i have a noctua nh-u12p se2 cpu cooler. my temps are normal within the safe range. now here is the strange part i have my FSB set to 415 CPU Clock ratio 8X System Memory Multiplier 2.00B Memory Timings 5-5-5-12 Dram Voltage 1.900

now 415 is the highest i can go without increasing Vcore but every time i increase my Vcore to reach a higher OC my computer does not boot it restores back to the last safe settings. ive tried small increases in vcore and large increase but nothing seems to work plz help ill post screen shots of me temps :)

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Put the FSB Freq at 455 ( 3.66Ghz )
and put the Vcore at 1.32
And put the VTT at 1.30
and The NB at 1.30

see if that boots..., thats what i had on my Q9400. its a full 1Ghz OC..!
hi i couldnt find VTT and NB this is what my bios has plz help i really want a 1Gig OC

CPU Vcore1.21250V Auto
CPU Termination 1.200V Auto
CPU PLL 1.550V Auto
CPU Reference 0.805V Auto

MCH Core 1.100V Auto
MCH Reference 0.760V Auto
ICH I/O 1.550V

Dram Voltahe 1.900V
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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