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Help! low benchmark scores with 4890

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i have an xfx 4890 and am getting low benchmark scores. core is at 850 and mem is at 975. i get 11677 for 3dmark06. sm 2.0 is 5200 and hdr sm 3.0 is 6245, cpu is 2288. Furmark also scores low at 3483 running 1280x1024 res, msaa 0. below are my system specs. can i go by benchmarks alone or should i just really go by my game fps and the way my games feel? i just dont want a slow 4890.

win xp pro 32 bit

4 gigs g skill 1066 ram

asus m4a78-e mobo

antec truepower II 550 psu

athlon 7750 be

xfx 4890 (new revision)
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CPU is bottlenecking your system alot for 06.
Also try newest drivers and make sure your previous drivers are fully cleaned out (driver sweeper, etc.)
i uninstalled all ati drivers and ran drivercleaner. im running cat 9.11 drivers. do you think 11677 is ok for my cpu or is it low for my cpu? also, cpu doesnt matter if your looking just at my vid scores right?
The cpu can bottleneck the gpu and not allow it to run at full speed. What was your total score for your rig (cpu+ gpu combined)? Edited total score in?
Your score is normal for the cpu you have. I get around 15,500 with my sig rig.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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