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Help makeing WInXP run games better

390 9
i got WinXP pro
all i really play is
Dark Age of Camelot : Darkness Rising
GUild Wars
And HAlflife1/2

any tips and tricks to get WINXP pro to work better?

Athlon 3200 barton
Msi K7N2 Delta 2
1 gig (2x512) 2.5,3,3,5
100gb sata maxtor
9800 pro 128 mb

some OC'ing would be helpfull too
but im nto smart enough to know what to oc my Vid card to what numbers and such
as is i run Vid Card strictly Performance only =(
not very good looking
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HL2 is a very cpu hungry game. I noticed a big increase in FPS when I installed a PCI sound card in my rig and stopped using motherboard integrated audio. It let a lot of cpu power free for games (however this happenned in a P4 system).

If you are not an audiophile, consider getting some budget PCI sound card. All cpu dependent games will run better.

Just my 2cents.
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