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help me buy headphones! lol

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okay im looking to spend somewhere around the 150 dollar range for a pair of headphones. more or less if needed. i want cups with noise reduction. for my ipod and computer. and like i want them to be loud for me to hear, but where people around me dont really hear it.
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http://www.amazon.com/Technica-ATH-A.../dp/B000E9VKUQ Awesome headphones. Best pair I have ever owned and they do fairly well at canceling noise.
will they fit around my ears, or just onto them? cause if they set on your ears it will hurt after a while
No they are very comfortable. They do not hurt your ears no matter how long they are used.

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http://www.amazon.com/Technica-ATH-A.../dp/B000E9VKUQ Awesome headphones. Best pair I have ever owned and they do fairly well at canceling noise.

+1 those are the most comfortable cans you can buy it'll just set right on the head. I have the open version and I can say the a700/ad700 are the most comfortable set of cans i ever wore.

Warning: if you have a small head these will be loose on your head.
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oh im also curious if i was to bring these to school, you guys have any idea of like something i could put them in so they dont break.
To school as in on the bus to high school or as in college?.
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They are kind of big to listen to on the bus/ try to sleep against the window. Other than that they are great thoughhh. I guess you could just wrap the cord around them and put it in your locker becuase I couldnt find a case :/
ya i get what your saying
great help tho man rep definately.
just a thought... the a700's are pretty big from what ive heard. so that would depend on how portable you want them to be, and if you care about ppl laughing at you. I think from reading reviews etc... the a700 do leak a little sound, and I believe the isolation is decent...but don't quote me on that, look into it yourself, i have never even heard them.

What kind of music do you listen to, and are they for music or gaming primarily?

You should consider these too. These are the ones I have, which i would suggest if music is your priority.

I would go with the a700's for gaming though, the sound stage is better from what I've heard (the m50's aren't as well known).
If it is just going to be for music on an mp3 player maybe the ear canal buds (not sure of name) would be better. My friend has a pair and he says they are very good for the size.
Sony MDR-V6, they won't sound quite as vibrant as the ATs but do have a good even response. Also they are closed headphones, that fold up, are extremely durable, and sound fine without an amp.
Here's another suggestions if you want a portable size cans. They come in black or white.

Audio Technica ATH-ES7
Those ES7's mirror finish is quite sexy.
I myself was in a similar situation OP. Sadly for me, living in Canada, it is a pain to find any headphones other than sonys and bose. I ended up getting the Denon AH-D1001s. I must say that I love them. Though they are a close design, they leak quite a bit of sound in, but not much sound leaks out.
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