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Fallout 3 or GTA IV?

Help Me choose a game!

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K, so Iv got a fair bit of money waiting to go into my bank, which ill probably be putting in sometime next week.

But tomorrow, I will be putting a bit in early, so in total I will have £30 in there.
From STEAM - should I buy Fallout 3 or GTA IV?

Iv played them both, completed gta on the xbox, but only played about half of Fallout 3.

Also - if you vote, can you comment with a reason too, thanks
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Got w/ Fallout 3~

GTA 4 same thing as all the other ones IMO.

It really gets boring pretending to be a bad a$$$ gangster running around doing silly missions.
gta4 is a terrible port

Fallout 3 although, quite (infact almost identical) similar to oblivion, I suggest you get that.
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well i hated fallout 3
and i loved oblivion, so i was heart broken when i didnt like it.

On the other hand i loved GTA4, and i didnt think it was that bad of a port. It ran 25+ FPS on my PC, and that was when i only had 1 4870. Haven't tried it since, cant be bothered to download 16gb off steam again lol

EDIT: oh wait you have completed GTA4? Ok get fallout you might enjoy it
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GTA IV on PC for me was an epic fail of a port. Either way I'd recommend Fallout 3 because so many people love it. I happened to not like it nearly as much as Oblivion, but that's my problem.
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