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hey ocn community.
1. What's your grip style?
palm grip

2. What's your sensitivity?
normal on windows 2.7 in game(CS 1.6)

3. What's your maximum budget?
dont realy have a budget.just not an overprice expensive mouse

4. Do you want additional buttons?
to side buttons is a must have

5. What games do you play?
FPS like CS,CSS,COD ect.

6. Do you mind about prediction?

7. Other relevant information:
here is the situation,i have a larger then average hands and the shape of mouse i find most comfortable and easy to control while in game is the 5-finger style mouse like the ikari.I have some demands for the mouse:
1.I perfer an optical sernsor rather then a laser one.
2.good scrollwheel/no scrollwheel bug.
3.the sensor need to be able to cope with swift and fast movment(not like my ikari wich makes the cursor jump to the sky or to the floor).
if there are no ikari shaped mice its ok if it will be like the DA / IE 3.0 altho i perfer it will be like the ikari.
if you find a mouse that have all o the above its ok if it will be like the xai,but no matter what mouse it is it have to be big.
thanks in advance,bar.

*BTW feel free to correct any spelling mistake i have.

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The buttons being vertical looks pretty awkward at first, but it sure feels good now! See if you can go to a brick and mortar store and try them out. I know Best Buy has "test mice."

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I would advise the Logitech M500... bought it about a month ago, really good mouse... great feeling, perfect sensitivity and the right buttons on the right spot... and not to expensive (about 40 euro`s)

And for sure, do NOT buy the logitech G500... already had to RMA it twice because of cable problems which resolved in no connection with the mouse while gaming...
Logitech forum is crawling with people with the same problems....

After quiet some convincing from my friends i bought a Logitech M500... but i actually had it with Logitech.... used to be real good quality, but the G500 brought me allot of misery....
Had allot of problems with two headsets from logitech as well..... didn`t RMA because of the hassle.....

Apart from that i would advise a Microsoft Mouse, use them at work allot and a pretty good to work with.....

But for gaming, i would advice the Logitech M500......

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by Alfaa View Post

I agree, Razor makes the crappiest mice and keyboards...
Originally Posted by Array_ View Post

Logitech g400 all the way. Don't be tricked of by razer's cool looking **** in a nice package with cool logo.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Guess you really dunno much huh. Sure Razer makes some stuff which are not as good or as better-valued as other givings from Logitech etc. But Tweety Bird made a good recommendation for the DA.

As a FPS player, accuracy is extremely important. I used a shoddy old mouse for FPS before switching to my DA which has zero acceleration and has one of, if not, the best sensor on the market. Then I switched to the G700, which has the same sensor as the G500 and the G400, and the acceleration was horrid. If you are an FPS player, you will wanna try and avoid mice with acceleration. Now the G700 is on the shelf, and the good ol' DA is still on the desk.

The DeathAdder is imo, the best mouse and product made by Razer. And for a palm gripper, it is extremely comfortable, the weight is slap bang in the middle, which means you will probably be able to get used to it very easily, the matte finish is good (different for normal DA and Black edition), it has 2 finger buttons and the scroll wheel is great, compared to crap on the G700.
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