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Help me choose between these games!

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I should hopefully have £25 in my PayPal account tomorrow (Tuesday) and a further £6 on Thursday (don't ask why) so that's £31 in total. I've been scouting the Steam store and these are the games I'm currently interested in buying.

Dark Messiah Might and Magic £5.99 - played the demo and loved it
Manhunt £5.99 - looks damn gorey and... fun

Flatout 2 £5.99 - this game looks really fun
Max Payne £5.99 - good story i hear
Stubbs The Zombie £5.99 - played the demo, had a blast
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell £5.99 - sneaking around looks fun

The total comes to £35.94, ouch. So I'm gonna have to dump one of these games and get it another time. However I can't decide! They all look to fun
Please help me decide.

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splionter cell = lame imho. i'd get the max payne bundle iif i were you. well worth it
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