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help me choose

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here is a website of a shop where i am planning to buy my new computer,
could you please tell me which is the best one out of them.

i was thinking of getting the XFX Hybrid SLi Extreme Gamer Bundle
what do you think???

i am not sure if i want a quad or a dual but i want whatever is cheaper but has good quality and good power in it.

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You should definatly pick and choose your own parts. Ill tell you 1 thing that 8500GT in that hybrid bundle you want isnt worth it. 8500's arent good at all and arent worth the money. I would not go for that.
but were could i find a better bundle for the same price?
oww by the way i have a graphic card, its a Sapphire HD 2400 PRO (ATI READEON)
is mine better? or which would you suggest to me?
i never had the 2400 so idk for sure which is better. But I will say that 8500 isnt worth it. So you live the the uk?
i live in Devon, in UK.

i found this one Ebay what do you think of it?? is it worth they money??
i am planing to buy this next week as soon as i get my money.

and for graphic card i not decided yet, but could you please explain to me what should i look in a graphic card when i am looking for buying one??
i found this one graphic card:


could you please tell me more about what kind of GPU Clock Speed and Memory Clock Speed i am looking for.
There are lots of UK sites in my Where in the World lto buy on-line link in my sig. Check the Sticky for the UK

You might save some money

On the 8500, I agree, any thing below the X600 from nVidia gets to be a rip off on the price to cost factor.
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Graphic card wise, if your looking for Nvidia, get an 8600GTS bare minimum. If you can afford higher, go with a 8800GT(512 version only, you do not want any 320mb or 640mb version). Or a 9800GTX. If your looking at ATI, go with a 4850 or a 4870. If you go by that, you dont need to worry about clock speeds, just find one of the cards i mentioned that you liked for a good price and you will be set. If you need any other help let me know.

EDIT: also, in order of performance, the cards would be about like this(in case you wanted to compare which are better): starting with the lowest: 8600GTS, 8800GT, HD4850, 9800GTX, HD4870.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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