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Intel or AMD?

  • AMD (AMD 4400+ X2/DFI SLI-DR Expert/G.SKILL DDR500)

    Votes: 18 69.2%
  • Intel (intel Pentium D 930/Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe/Ballistix DDR2 667)

    Votes: 8 30.8%

Help me decide, stick with Intel or switch to AMD?

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I'm in a bit of a pickle here, IF I sell my mobo/cpu/ram for $300, I could get:

AMD 4400+
2GB (2x1GB) G.SKILL DDR500
For about $850-300=$550


I could sell just my cpu/ram for $150 and get:

Pentium D 930 Presler
2GB (2x1GB) Crucial Ballistix DDR2 667
For about $700-150=$550

So which should I do, considering the cost to me (my dad) will be the same $550 bucks, should I get a 4400+ and OC it to about 2.6 which is what most people get to or should I get the Presler which should hit over 4.2GHz......
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Originally Posted by Remonster

Well, my dad officially told me to go F*ck myself (lol, actually he just said no but I heard go f*ck yourself) so im not getting any upgrades, MAYBE a 7900 in March if I get good grades but I'll probably pay for that.

Unless you play a lot of RTS games, graphics card is more important anyways. Your cpu should be fine for awhile longer. If you do play RTS games though, you can never have enough horsepower under the hood. There's nothing worse than playing with 2 thousand units on the map and it turns into a slideshow because it's so slow.
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