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Help me format and install windows...

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Well.. Im trying to format and install windows 7 on my Eee PC..

As you should know... An Eee PC doesn't have optical drive... And also, I don't have a 4GB USB drive for it....

So, there are only 2 ways to install...
1.Lan: If so... how?
2.HDD:if so... How can I boot the windows image, and also format my C partition... I just can install over everything in there and I want a fresh installation.... Any Idea, or software?

Help me with this hard task for me
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The only way I would think is to go and purchase a 8gb Flash drive. If you have USB boot support you can load the .iso onto the USB and boot that way, otherwise there really is a bit of a snag there.
I think your sol.
**** out of luck
You can try to make a cracked windows. Find a empty CD-rom, get all files on it (including windows) and you can install it from there.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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