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Help me help my parents, please!

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XXXXX--This problem is bugging me enough I may have to try to find someone at the lake to try and fix the problem, although I'd rather not. I thought by typing up the problem in detail, you might be able to help from a distance. Your mom has Googled the problem but can't figure it out.
History of Rick's Really Annoying Computer Problem
XXXXXXX copied a scanned document from Adobe into Word because it was too light to print. We attempted to print it by darkening the printer settings. It did not work. Since then, the computer has had the following problems (although the above mentioned may not be what caused the problem):
Problem 1: In Google Chrome Gmail all incoming messages are in a different font from other viewed messages and are superimposed on the snippet message to the right. If you highlight the words with your mouse you can read them. If you go to a website some of the words are also superimposed. Also, the "compose mail" and "contacts" box are missing from Gmail and the view is generally off.
The same problem happened if I switched to Explorer.
I downloaded Firefox and the problem went away. Gmail was normal and all websites I went to through Firefox are normal. However, the incoming message font was still different from the read message font.
Problem 2: In Word (where we copied and tried to print the document) we got an error message stating "there is insufficient memory or disk space. We cannot display the requested font". When we change default fonts the message goes away until we try to bring up a previous document that was written in the previous default font.
Stacia believes that some of the fonts have become corrupt. She tried to delete those fonts so she could download new fonts, but we don't have folder permission and we could find no way to get permission to work with the font folder.
I think if it was a corrupt font it would also show as corrupt in Firefox.
Good luck and thank you in advance,
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First I figured it was something with your Firefox font settings, that same problem occurred off and on for me a while back and eventually went away. After reading your second problem however, I would certainly say it is a corrupt font file. If you don't have access to delete it, could you maybe try replacing it? Just basically reloading the font, replacing it with a new, uncorrupted version of itself. You should have permission to change/add new files, if you can't delete them.

Stupid thought: Does your blocked access tell you that the "file is in use"?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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