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Ok im in the process of building my computer right now. I was set on getting the AW2130 24inch 120hz monitor. But im having second thoughts now.
Yes i know 120hz is the best for FPS gaming and i love any shooter out there right now. But, im having a hard time grasping the concept of paying 459.00 USD for a 24inch 1080p 120hz monitor, while right now i have a 23inch 1050p monitor. 1 inch in upgrade (yes i know its 120hz), just doesnt seem logical.
Now i see the 30inch HP monitor and even though is 1100.00 USD, that would be a big upgrade and totally awsome. But lag for FPS gaming at 60hz has me alittle worried.

Now i do play FPS's, but i also enjoy city building/RTS/anything else..haha

What would you do?

Oh yeah i have a 3gb 580 otw right now

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After playing a few games the last couple of years, FPS but more RTS and RPG I find a 60Hz monitor is ok. Sure, I liked better the 85Hz of a CRT I previously owned. On a CRT 60 Hz was horrendous and I was pretty weary of 60Hz LCDs, but it turned out that on an LCD what matters more is the response time of the panel. As such my initial 25ms 17" LCD was a bit woolly when changing direction or aiming in a FPS, but my current 23" 5ms LCD is plenty fast.
All of this to say that I might think of getting the 500$ 120Hz panel if 1)It has low refresh times 2)It had something like a matte IPS panel and 3)There wouldn't be another bigger 60Hz LCD with 1&2 for about the same money. I care less about 120Hz than about color accuracy and viewing angles.


P.S. If I had the mood of a better screen than my current 23"er I would go for a 30" 2500x1600; sick of just 1080 vertical pixels.
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