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Budget 1440p = $400-550 for Korean IPS (Catleap, Shimian, Etc)
Mid-Range 1440p = $650-999 for Dell/HP IPS or Samsung/Asus PLS (U2713HM, ZR2740w, S27B970D, PB278Q)
Top-End 1440p = $800+ for Dell/NEC/EIZO/etc IPS (U2713H, etc)

Difference between them is mainly panel type and color depth.

The less-expensive ones will do true 16.77mil colors (8bit panel), while the high end ones will do 1.07bil colors (10bit panel with 12-14bit LUT).

Also, there are a few rare ones that will overclock to 90-130hz, but the display is a "lower end" model with the price of a mid to high end panel.

Also, unless you are planning to upgrade your graphics card to something like 2-3x GTX670/680 in SLI or 7970s in CFX, you will be better off with something like the Dell U2412HM which is 1920x1200 eIPS (6bit+dithering) or U2410 which is also 1200p but with an 8bit panel.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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