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Hi everyone. I seriously need your help. I totally am not familiar with audio, please bear with me.

*will be checking the exact models for all the components later.

I've got a typical standard desktop. Am using a board's sound card for my pretty old logitech x540. Link

We have astocked around decade-old receiver that pretty much looks like this, and four bose speakers that look like this (I've read that they're called loudspeakers, am I correct?), and a center speaker as well.

General Question: Would it be better if I would use these speakers (and receiver?) for my desktop as opposed to my current desktop speakers?

Desktop Usage: Movies, Gaming, Music. I believe my logitech speakers are struggling on high volumes.
Living room setup, if it helps.

Another question, can I use all of my speakers instead?

Thank you very much OCN!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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